Reconstruction of historic buildings

The reconstruction and renovation of historic buildings requires extreme precision and attention. Care is a priority in our general construction, as we protect the values of our country by restoring the buildings to their original condition. The constructions are under constant consultation with the monument inspectorate.

Apáczai Hotel (100 room)

The building designed by Mihály Pollack is a protected monument, built in 1814. Based on the order of a Spanish investor, our tasks were as follows: complete monumental design of the building, creation of a hotel function with complete architecture, interior design, renovation of a monumental building, glass roofing of the inner courtyard, furnishing. The implementation took place in 2007.

Marczibányi Palace roof reconstruction

The building was designed by József Hild from 1812 and is a protected monument. Our construction task was the complete roof reconstruction, which started with a condition survey, monumental design, continued with licensing, interior design renovation, and partial mechanical modernization. During the work, we paid special attention to the professional demolition, removal, disposal and documentation of slate roofing, which is classified as hazardous waste, in order to protect our environment. The works lasted less than a year and lasted from March to October 2015.

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Partners and those who have already chosen us

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Kelemen Emese

Certification Manager, CertUnion Hungary Kft.