50 Years Of General Contractor Experience

With 50 years of experience as a general contractor and general contractor behind us, we undertake our orders with a guarantee of quality and price.

Industrial assignments

Demolition, hall construction, tank, road construction, bridge scales. Functionally diverse individual orders.

Building reconstructions

We carried out the exterior and interior renovation of the Board building, ensuring continuous operation.

Historic buildings

A residential building designed by Mihály Pollack was transformed from a bank building into a four-star hotel with 100 rooms.


The main contractor is a specialist

PSZOTA Builder Kft. Is a company specializing specifically in the main contractor, general construction and complete implementation of facilities.

More than 50 years of experience

The basis of our operation is the founding owner’s more than 50 years of main business practice and experience.


A team of quality professionals

The staff and partners trained and selected on the projects implemented together for many years.

ISO 9001:2009

We place great emphasis on consciously planned work, which is why we introduced the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009 quality management system.

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Our references

Take a look at the facilities implemented with our management!

Partners and those who have already chosen us

” Dedicated management and staff to operate the systems efficiently. An ongoing effort to meet partner needs. Successful, organized supplier relationships, development of quality awareness. “

Kelemen Emese

Certification Manager, CertUnion Hungary Kft.